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Out of Town

Here at Tasman Bay Motors we are well aware of the stress or uncertainty that can comes from purchasing a vehicle from out of town having only seen photos on the internet.

We also know that not all cars are the same and not all dealers are the same either!!!

At Tasman bay motors we sell a lot of our stock out of town as far north or south as you can go.

We truly believe the reason for this is that our cars are presented to the highest standard whether they are $5000 or $50,000. We back our cars 100% and have faith that when the vehicle arrives the customer will be happy with the purchase.

We provide friendly, expert and detailed descriptions over the phone and will describe that vehicle from front to back, top to bottom for you.

We also offer FREE NATIONWIDE DELIVERY ON MOST VEHICLES OR FREE MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN INSURANCE ON SELECTED VEHICLES for extra peace of mind to help make the purchase as easy and stress free as possible. (Conditions apply).

If you want to know more just simply pick up the phone and give us a call..... We WILL HELP YOU!!!.


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